A Simple to Set-up Professional Collaboration Platform for Non-Profits and International Organizations

Connecting a million nonprofit professionals

Tens of thousands of non-profits rely on CommunityCloud to connect with their peers, their constituents, and recipients. CommunityCloud is a white-label platform, where each organization can brand their own community in line with the organization's mission and goals.

Community Cloud laptop illustration

A Virtual Community Platform

CommunityCloud administrators can create, edit and easily manage an unlimited hierarchy of virtual communities and people which intuitively allows different types of organisational structures that can range from general to more specific or from open to completely restricted.

Made For Non-profits

Yearly financial contributions are predictable and budget friendly. With CommunityCloud you can create an unlimited number of communities, invite unlimited people and store unlimited discussions.

Straightforward Pricing

For the same cost as one month of a full-time IT employee you have a full CommunityCloud team at your disposal for a full year.

The CommunityCloud team helps you build your communities, and we support every single one of your users, even if you have hundreds of thousands, like some of our partners do.

Your 100x Leverage

Paying for CommunityCloud is more than being a customer: you become a partner in funding the best community platform ever designed for non-profits.

CommunityCloud leverages your funding: for every dollar you invest in CommunityCloud, you are benefiting from hundreds of dollars invested from other partner organizations.

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